Bar Code Label Printer Solution for Paint Retailer

Buying paint used to be the first difficult step in painting a new room or home.

Retail on Demand LabellingEven after you’ve decided on the colour to buy, inevitably you need to buy more paint to match that colour. Now one major hardware chain makes it easy to buy cans of paint using barcode label printers.

With every can of paint mixed, an Ethernet-enabled printer prints a barcode label containing information about the pigment mixture used for that paint colour. To match a previous colour, a customer brings the paint can lid back to the store. The paint department scans the barcode label on the lid, and a terminal displays the paint mixture for a perfect colour match.

Reliable Performance

"The customer needed reliable performance in a warehouse environment, and the Blaster Advantage was up to the task."

Says Cognitive’s V.P. of Sales.

"A built-in Ethernet port and small footprint are among several reasons this key customer chose Cognitive."

Cognitive’s Easy Ethernet (e+Solutions) feature built-in Ethernet ports and network printer software for fast installation, increased ease-of-use, and easy maintenance. Cognitive pinters ensure this hardware chain makes it easy to paint the town the same colour.

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