‘Bad IT Habits’ of Employees are Putting Small Businesses at Risk

Using personal email and unsafe document storage are some of the top employee offences said to be affecting small business’ cyber security

‘Bad IT Habits’ of Employees are Putting Small Businesses at Risk

Workers’ ‘bad IT habits’ are increasingly putting small and medium businesses at risk of cyber-attack and creating ‘significant financial’ implications with 88% of employees having admitted to frequently committing at least one ‘bad IT habit’.

The study of 500 employees from small and medium businesses was conducted by Altodigital and identified the worst IT habits of employees which pose serious security treats.

Using personal email accounts and failing to save company data onto a secure server were found to be two of the top offences, with a respective 20% admitting to doing so.

12% also admitted to not safeguarding their IT systems and confidential files with virus software, or even a secure password.

The study emphasises the need for proper IT training in small businesses, something which the government has pledged to assist with –having recently announced a new £1m fund to help small and medium enterprises tackle cybercrime last week.

Tony Burnett, group sales director at Altodigital, said:

“Any IT professional will tell you about the IT bad habits they encounter in organisations on a daily basis. Even though employees often know what they’re doing is bad practice, many think taking shortcuts will save them time and make their jobs easier.

“However, these habits all have the potential to impact on an organisation; from the security risks from not using virus software and passwords to the way the organisation is perceived by its customer – using a personal email address for instance, will not project a professional image.”

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