Almost Half of UK Employees Plan to Leave Current Employer

UK staff are the least loyal workers in Europe with 47% planning to move jobs by 2018; business owners to consider attracting global talent

Almost Half of UK Employees Plan to Leave Current Employer

British employees were found to be the least loyal workforce in Europe in a survey by ADP, with 47% planning to move jobs in the next three years – 13% higher than other European workers.

The research also suggested that UK workers don’t see long-term careers in their current organisation with only 17% of respondents looking to spend the duration of their profession with their current employer.

The report, which surveyed 11,000 workers from across Europe, suggests that the UK’s growing economy has had a part to play in the increased competitiveness for staff.

Employee confidence in the UK economy and the job market has both increased in the last year, rising to 77% and 81% respectively.

As competitiveness for staff increases, businesses are advised to consider global talent. But UK employees appeared to be unconcerned the prospect of their boss looking overseas for staff – 69% said that they didn’t see global talent as a threat.

Lastly, the research asserted that that UK employees are most confident in their employers’ ability to compete with international companies for talent and work (58% compared to the European average of 50%).

Senior vice president at ADP, Leon Vergnes, commented:

“It is evident that Europe’s improving economic stability is enhancing employee attitudes towards the future of work.

“However, the war for talent and tackling skills gaps are both key challenges for European businesses that must also consider how they can attract the best talent in the market.

“Employing people from diverse backgrounds and encouraging international movement of talent are crucial factors for ensuring global competitiveness. When businesses consider mobility as part of their strategy, they will reap the benefits of an engaged, optimistic and committed workforce.”

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