Age Discrimination Legislation

Frequently Asked Questions

1 I understand the moral arguments for not discriminating against people because of their age, but isn’t Age Positive just meaningless “political correctness” that will cost my business money?

No. Research has shown that there are real business benefits in employing a mixed-age workforce, and employers who fail to realise this will miss out. With legislation to tackle age discrimination in employment due by 2006, there has never been a better time to be positive about age.

2 So what are the business benefits?

Businesses who are positive about age report:

  • improved rates for keeping staff;
  • higher staff morale;
  • – fewer short-term staff absences;
  • higher productivity;
  • a better public image;
  • access to a wider customer base; and
  • a wider range of skills and experience.

3 Isn’t Age Positive just another opportunity for big organisations with their own human resources departments to improve their public image?

No. There are a large number of smaller employers who support Age Positive and they don’t do it for the good of their image – most have much more immediate concerns such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Many are organisations that were already enjoying the benefits of a mixed-age workforce long before they became involved with Age Positive. You can visit to read about who they are and what they are doing.

4 Are older workers better than younger workers?

Stereotyping people for any reason is neither efficient nor accurate when assessing performance, ability or potential. The only thing that all of us have in common is that we are all different, and different people bring different qualities to everything they do.

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