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Highly Targeted & Cost-effective Campaigns is a long established and leading niche UK SME/Small Business site which offers qualitative and relevant information and advice for directors. managers and influencers from the SME/Small Business sector

Launched in 2001

Market Position

A leading niche, independent UK SME/Small Business website

Key Marketing Strategies

Provide clear, jargon free and unpatronising information and advice for UK SME/Small Businesses


  1. Niche, independent resource focusing on UK SME/Small Businesses
  2. No waste in targeting SME/Small Business sector
  3. Differentiates from Mass Media publishers

Audience Relevance

Users of are owners, directors, managers and influencers from the difficult to reach SME/Small Business sector and are the individuals with purchasing authority.

Environment Relevance

Business & Financial information and services. users visit the site looking for business advice, ideas and SME/Small Business news within a business environment.

Premium Inventory is a premium content site which targets by audience (SME/Small Business decision makers) and offers premium inventory. In-house campaign Management ensures quality targeting.

Available Media

  • Website Advertising – Display Ads & Text Placements
  • Integrated Content – Branded Content
  • E-mail Small Business newsletter – Weekly Insertions
  • Sponsorship – Bespoke solutions are available

For more information or to discuss in more detail our highly targeted and cost-effective solutions, please call us on 01252 376650 or Email

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