Partnering with is4profit is a long established and leading niche UK SME/Small Business website which provides useful, relevant information and advice for owners, directors, managers and influencers from the UK SME/Small Business sector.

Partnering Opportunities

Strategic Alliances

Opportunities for organisations with products & services relevant to the UK SME/Small Businesses sector to partner with is4profit

Content Partners

We are always seeking to enhance the is4profit user experience by publishing relevant and useful business articles.

The mutual benefit being that the audience have access to useful and relevant information/advice and the Content Partner has exposure to a difficult to reach SME/Small Business audience.

Article submission guidelines

Articles must be original/unique (not duplicated elsewhere) and not advertorial.

The articles should be written to a high quality, have relevance to UK SME/Small Businesses and, where possible, have reference to how to increase sales, reduce cost and save time.

Articles can be one page or alternatively a more in depth piece can be indexed into a number of pages. In either case the expectation is for approx 1000 words per page. Within reason there is no upper limit for the number of pages.

Articles should be written for inclusion in the following channels:

  • Business law
  • Business Strategy
  • Employment
  • Finance & Money
  • General Business
  • Green Business
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Starting Up

The articles will include a footer editorial acknowledgement with the author’s name and website link.

All articles submissions are reviewed by and are subject to is4profit editorial revision.

Press Releases

The is4profit Small Business News Channel publishes daily the latest news stories that are relevant to SME/Small Businesses.

We will consider genuine news stories offered for publication but cannot guarantee publication.


  1. Hi there,

    I have previously written for Is4 Profit in the past and I would like to continue contributing. Is there a contact I can liaise with regarding future posts?

    Previous posts:

    Many thanks


    • Hi Keith,

      That’s great to hear.

      You can email to get in touch about future contributions.

  2. Hi
    Can I talk to someone about funding/research and development? Possibly a partner or someone who wants to get involved and help us grow our business big….

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