A Third of UK Consumers Feel Brands Misunderstand Them

Perfume companies, women’s clothing brands and gaming companies are the main offenders when it comes to misunderstanding consumers

A Third of UK Consumers Feel Brands Misunderstand Them

35% of UK consumers feel brands misunderstand them, according to research from Attest.

Their survey of 2,000 18-75 year olds revealed that, of those ‘misunderstood’, 82% felt as if they were not well represented and ‘ignored’ by big labels.

When asked what sectors misunderstood them most, respondents identified perfume companies (26%), women’s clothing brands (23%) and gaming companies (19%) as the biggest offenders.

Just 41% of those surveyed admitted to giving brands actual feedback with 79% going as far to say that brands don’t listen to such responses.

On the subject of brands resorting to stereotyping, 92% feel that such measures are implemented with just 23% of that figure feeling alienated by such.

Jeremy King, CEO of Attest, said:

“Is so useful to engage with real consumers, with new technologies that can offer real and in-the-moment engagement, to explore these emotional issues around brands. Until very recently, it’s been quite difficult for brands to actively and regularly engage with their most valued customers, across every demographic and range of preferences.

“Everyone is different, and even based on this simple piece of research, it’s worrying how many consumers feel misunderstood and that brands aren’t listening to them.”

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