74% of UK Businesses Have Inadequate Cyber Security Measures

The amount of time spent by senior executives on low level tasks costs businesses £4.2bn every year...

74% of UK Businesses Have Inadequate Cyber Security Measures

74% of UK businesses are not doing enough to protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches, according to a survey of 500 IT managers by business solutions provider Office Depot.

Skills shortages and poor allocation of resources seem to be major factors, with 81% of managers of the view that their businesses would benefit from having more time and resources to address cyber security problems.

IT managers have claimed that over 33% of their time is spent dealing with low level issues such as fixing printers and document recovery, leaving little time for more complex tasks such as data security.

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The allocation of these low level tasks to senior IT professionals is estimated to cost companies more than £4.2bn every year – money which could otherwise be spent tackling cyber security issues.

In the second quarter of 2016, 20% of companies in the FTSE 100 fell prey to domain registrations that could allow fraudsters to create dummy websites to trick users into giving up private data.

Rob Jones, head of managed print services at Office Depot, commented:

“Intelligent outsourcing and procurement has numerous benefits. Time is money, and technology specialists should be encouraged to complete higher-value tasks. For business leaders, the financial benefits of outsourcing and the potentially catastrophic consequences of a cyber-attack or data breach must act as a call to action to devote greater resource to information security.

“[…] With cybersecurity hot on the agenda, the role of the IT professional has become stretched. Investing in a team and infrastructure to address evolving technology needs now will pay dividends in the long run.”

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