7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

This is last of 7 lessons that Richard Lomax has been sharing with you over the last few weeks to demonstrate how to improve your marketing results with no or very little extra cost

7) Never stop using an ad or mailer just because you are bored of it

This is a big mistake that’s made very frequently.

The only times you should drop an ad are when:

  1. You come up with another ad that pulls better results (through your measured results) or
  2. It stops making a profit in that particular newspaper, magazine, etc

Remember – the longer you run an ad, generally the fewer results you will get (unless you are selling an everyday consumable which everyone is using). If your ad pulls 100 orders on the first insertion, second time 75, third 45 etc. eventually you may run into a situation where you do not make enough orders/profits to make it worth-while.

But, also remember – it can take years to run out an ad’s useful life – and make you a ton of money in the process. Some of your most successful ads could well run for 10 years or more – making a profit each and every time.

Talk about a license to print money! Think about it – if every time you invested £250 in a smaller display ad but KNEW (based on past measured results) that you would earn £1,250 from that ad in profits – how many times would you run that ad? As many as possible – right?

When your tests show your ad or mailing produces a profit – you can run that ad many times, and in as many different magazines and newspapers, or to as many prospect lists as you wish. But remember, each time you test a new media, test small, then roll-out big.

When you develop a campaign that works – use it again and again and again!

If you would like more free marketing help, advice, reports and strategies go to Richard Lomax’s website www.common-sense-marketing.com

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