7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

6) Test Small : Rollout Big

In marketing and advertising you have to find the most profitable message to present to your market. But you will never know what the right message is until you test different options.

When you have a marketing piece or an advertisement you want to test – test it small. But make sure you test it in a place where your ideal clients frequent – to guarantee accurate results.

Test classifieds first, or smaller display ads, or regional inserts in magazines, before you splash out on a half or full page.

Find a way to test small.

Based on the results you can determine if you will test a larger ad or higher circulation medium. If it tests positive and makes a profit – then you will get better results when you make it bigger. Usually twice the ad size will return three times the results.

And remember, when you run a bigger ad, you don’t just make your logo bigger! You include more valuable content, more advice, evidence of results, and a deeper explanation of how you deliver those results etc.

When you find an advertisement or marketing piece that works – use it again and again and again. Never stop using it unless each use becomes un-profitable.

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