7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

4) How to guarantee your way to success

One thing that continues to amaze me is how scared people are to guarantee their products and services.

But when I ask business-owners and managers how many people have been very unhappy with their experience of buying from them in the last one or two or three years, the response invariably comes back

"Well, I can’t easily remember anyone like that… maybe one or two at the most in the last few years".

So, if what you are selling is that good – why are you scared to guarantee it? Based on your own experiences, any risk you feel you’re taking is absolutely minimal.

If you feel the quality of the product or service you offer is not good enough to guarantee – I suggest you get out of that business, or find new products to sell (of much higher quality).

The fact is – the longer and more solid your guarantee is – the fewer returns or requests for money-back you will get. It’s exactly the opposite of what everyone thinks! Lifetime guarantees are the best – and have the lowest returns rate of all.

Put a guarantee on everything you do

Here’s some sample wording to get you thinking. What would you have to change or improve or adapt to make this work in your business?

"100% complete satisfaction guarantee – no hassles, no questions. If for any reason within the next 365 days you feel this product / our service is not living up to your expectations – send it back / let us know and we will immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund."

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