7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

3) Expect immediate results from your marketing – or don’t bother

“Branding” is part of the marketing jargon that 90%+ of advertising and marketing agencies talk about as though it’s the holy grail of success for your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners have bought into this myth and think they must “build their brand” before they can become successful. Nothing is further from the truth.

One of my private clients has been running local radio ads to promote their Chiropractic business. The advice from three different stations has been that “You can only use radio advertising to build your brand awareness, and then when people need a chiropractor, they will remember you and come to your business. And for your ads to work, you need to run them for at least six to twelve months”. What a load of tosh.

My client calmly explained to the radio station’s sales reps that their ads would be judged solely on how many people picked up the phone, and booked an appointment for a trial back screening. The campaign trial was booked or one month.

The results?

For every pound they invested in air-time, they received a 391.7% return in confirmed bookings (excluding any potential referral business from these new patients). A better place to invest their money than any savings account, wouldn’t you say?

Every ad you run should be expected to pay for itself. BUT, you must run direct response style advertising to know whether it’s working. A well written direct response ad will continue to make money for a long time – but naturally, responses will tend to drop over the period the ad is run.

When you expect your ad to pay for itself immediately, your entire marketing focus will be much more on results. You should be able to tell to the pound how effective your ad is.

The best part? When you run advertising that works and makes a net profit … your brand is being created at the same time. And that’s because you are providing more information, guidance, education and value in your ads, so your prospects naturally come to understand what you really stand for, and why they should see you as the most preferable supplier.

Those businesses that really ‘get’ this strategy, invest heavily in lead generation and sales conversions – and as a side-benefit they create the image they want in the marketplace.

Watch out for Lesson 4 next week


Richard Lomax

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