7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

2) Never assume your potential clients know what your business offers them or assume they understand how you deliver this result.

When you live, eat and breathe your business the way you probably do – there are hundreds of things that you take for granted about your business, and the way it operates.

Never assume that your prospects know these same things. It’s your job to explain, illustrate, educate and inform them – to make sure there are no unanswered questions floating around in their mind.

The Famous Story Of Schlitz Beer.

In early 1900s USA, Schlitz beer was number 9 or 10 in the marketplace when they hired direct response copywriter and master marketer, Claude Hopkins. After spending time on their production line and touring the factory site he discovered the amazingly intricate procedure and painstaking history that was behind the brewing process.

The ad he wanted to run described the "crystal clear water from a special artesian well"… and the one "mother" yeast cell that produced all the quality yeast for fermenting the beer. This process was the result of over "1,500 experiments and produced a very distinct fresh, crisp taste". He then proceeded to explain why the bottles were "sterilised 12 times to ensure purity, so that nothing would interfere with the clean taste of the beer".

When he presented the draft ad to the people at Schlitz it was met with a luke-warm reception, because they explained that "everyone in the brewing industry does it that way!" He then asked "Yes, but do the beer-drinking public know about it?" and of course the answer was no.

So a new marketing campaign was created that focused in on the filtering process of the water, and the cleaning and sterilising of the bottles.

What happened?

Schiltz went from 9th in the market to 1st within 12 months! Their competitors never knew what hit them. And when they emulated Schlitz in their advertising, they simply appeared as copycats.

Never assume your prospects understand the ins and outs of your business. Be the first in your market to tell your whole story and you will quickly put serious profits in your bank account.


Richard Lomax

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