7 Low Cost or Zero Cost Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

1) Never use a "name, rank, and serial number" approach to your advertising

Most business advertising is little more than an expanded form of a business card, with space taken to include a few uninformative graphics. It usually features the name of the organisation prominently, together with a bullet-pointed list of the products and services on offer. This is then followed by address details, and a large phone number.

Basically it’s saying “here it is… come and get it”. Not surprisingly it appeals to virtually nobody, and generates little or no response.

Why do most businesses use this form of marketing?

Usually it’s because the business owner or manager has never received any ‘real-world’ marketing training. By this  I mean NOT the kind you learn in university or college, which for the most part, is impractical, unaffordable and a complete waste of money for 95% of businesses.

Consequently, they have to trust the advertising sales reps to design their ads or give them guidance. Advertising sales reps have little to no training on what makes an advertisement work. They do the best they can but 9 times out of 10 they have no clue on what effective advertising really is.

What makes advertising ‘work’?

Advertising that works means that it makes a measurable profit (if you are trying to sell something through the advertising) or it delivers a measurable number of prospects that phone, e-mail, signup on a web page, or write-in for more information.

No matter what the goal of the marketing or advertising is – you should be using direct response advertising techniques from here on in. Direct response means that you get measurable responses direct to you and your company. You know exactly how many people responded to your marketing and advertising efforts.

Another reason for poor marketing results is that business owners believe that ‘professional-looking’ ads are the ones that work the best.

Wrong again.

   White space in an ad is invariably wasted space – space you could have been using to win over your potential clients.

Over one hundred years of solid advertising tests has shown that 99.9% of the time – "the more you tell the more you sell." Graphics can support your case in your advertising material – but should never replace your actual sales message.

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