27% of Consumers will Only Buy from Green Thinking Businesses

Report also finds that over a quarter of employees want their company to introduce more eco-friendly policies

27% of Consumers will Only Buy from Green Thinking Businesses

Some 27% of consumers say that any business they deal with needs to have strong corporate social responsibility policies, a study by Direct365 has found.

Over one quarter (26%) of the consumers surveyed said that the health and safety policies of businesses are most important to them, with 25% naming cleanliness as the most significant factor when buying from a business.

Additionally, the report found that 26% of employees want to see more environmentally-friendly processes being introduced by their employers, with some 10% of employees calling for stricter health and safety policies.

21% of employees would also like to see cleaner, more hygienic washrooms in their workplace.

Emma Gilroy, brand development manager at Direct365, said: ‘’Our research shows that businesses simply must take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously if they are to be successful. Even when times are hard for companies, it’s imperative that they don’t lose sight of these things.’’

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