23% of Small Businesses Find It ‘Almost Impossible’ to Cover All Areas of Marketing

SEO is another concern for small enterprises as changes to Google’s website ranking is leaving many in confusion

23% of Small Businesses Find It ‘Almost Impossible’ to Cover All Areas of Marketing

Almost a quarter of all UK small business owners are struggling to cover all areas of their marketing, according to a report by PeoplePerHour.

41% of respondents to the survey admitted that they found difficulty in amending low Pay-per-click (PPC) rates, while 37% said recent changes to how Google ranks websites has meant that they are struggling with search engine optimisation (SEO).

Social media marketing was singled out by 27% of small business owners as difficult, with 34% admitting that email marketing is ‘notoriously difficult’ due to the tendency for emails to be regarded as spam.

22% identified using telesales without irritating customers as an issue and 18% said they felt that their content marketing wasn’t good enough to encourage repeat custom.

Some 64% also said that measuring return on investment from their marketing efforts was particularly challenging, while a further 48% had difficulty identifying their target market.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, PeoplePerHour founder and CEO said of the report:

“Marketing plays a really important role in business; it’s not just about reaching customers, but reaching the right customers and creating a brand story that the public can buy into and identify.

“Having an amazing product or service is really only the very first step in building a successful business, the important part is letting the world know about it.”

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  1. Well Google have actually just made it a bit easier by telling people exactly what the important ranking factors are. You can see a member of Google’s staff explain at about to 30 minute point in this video.

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