Where do FTSE CEOs Come From?

Where do CEOs come from is the latest business intelligence app for SME ownersData from a new business intelligence application has unearthed a number of aspects in the makeup of the "average" FTSE CEO…

The latest interactive app in the QlikView business intelligence platform has mined data showing a number of interesting statistics regarding FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 Chief Executive Officers.

Background information, collated a couple of months ago, shows that the average FTSE CEO is 46 years old, male and attended either Oxford or Cambridge University.

Manchester University also figured in the top institutions with 14 CEOs and Harvard University providing a number of top Execs.

On the subject of Harvard, whilst 8% of the heads of FTSE companies attended the institution, 7% of all CEOs came from the United States.

Looking at the subjects these Chief Execs studied, economics, business, law and engineering were all popular.

One interesting aspect of the app, Where Do CEOs Come From, was that whilst research has highlighted that arts students focus less on their careers, 26% of FTSE CEOs are arts graduates but most were science graduates (28%) Strangely, just 17% of FTSE CEOs had graduated in business.

The work background of CEOs was also not surprising with 17% moving up from Managing Director roles and 11% being promoted from either Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The role of high-powered women in boardrooms has been a focus in recent years but the figures show that only 14 CEOs, 4% of the total, are female.

Sean Farrington, Regional Vice President for Northern Europe and QlikTech’s Managing Director for UK & Ireland, said of the findings:

“With this research, we want to make available data easy to analyse for ambitious employees to find out what the ‘key ingredients’ are to become a FTSE 100 or 250 CEO.”

“The main takeaway has actually been how little the average CEO has changed over the past fifty years. Although the business landscape has moved on significantly from the ‘Mad Men’ boardrooms of the sixties, the FTSE 100 and 250 CEO lists are still surprisingly dominated by males of a certain age and from an Oxbridge background.”

Small and medium-sized business owners looking for inspiration, comparison and business intelligence can access the Where Do CEOs Come From app online and via smartphone and tablet.

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