Not Good News for Businesses Without Websites

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If your small business doesn’t have a website, people won’t do business with you…

The latest findings from O2 Business show that UK small businesses who fail to embrace technology are missing out on sales opportunities.

In its report entitled "Shining a Light" O2 surveyed 2,000 customers across the UK and found that businesses that aren’t embracing technology could be missing out on £13 billion worth of sales.

Internet Second

The survey revealed that, after recommendations from friends and family, the internet was the second most popular way that potential customers research and find firms to do business with.

In third place, with half as much "traffic", classified ads and business directories were the next most common methods for businesses to be found by consumers.

One interesting finding was that using search engines and social media potential customers were researching and using local businesses regardless of their size.

The Shining a Light report also highlighted that being online is not just an important aspect in simply being seen to be online, but that it played an important part in customer perceptions of a business.

Almost two thirds (63%) of the customers interviewed said that they considered small businesses with an internet presence, in both a website and social media accounts, to be modern and up-to-date.

Even more important, nearly half of those questioned (46%) believed that small businesses with a website and a social media presence were "customer focused".

63% of people polled considered that small firms should at least have a basic website where their products and services can at the very least be viewed.

30% of those surveyed expected businesses to have an ecommerce website where they could buy goods and services and 12% looked for firms to engage with their customers via Facebook.

O2’s General Manager of SMB, Paul Lawton, said of the report:

“The rewards from investing in technology can be huge, but for many business owners the whole process of improving their business through technology can be a daunting prospect. At O2 we understand this and not only offer leading packages designed specifically for small businesses, but a wealth of support too – from free, practical advice from our O2 experts, who are available in-store or over the phone, to a plethora of tips, videos and guidance available on our dedicated business support website.”

Lawton continued:

“We can also introduce small business to mobile marketing through Priority Moments, so they can step into the digital age and speed up the growth of their business.”

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