Web Guide Helps Employers Prevent IP Infringement

Preventing IP InfringementEmployers can access free advice on avoiding workplace intellectual property (IP) infringement, following the publication of online guidance by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

The Preventing Infringement of IP Rights in the Workplace guide contains advice on introducing IP policies, managing staff IP infringement and reporting IP crimes. It also includes PowerPoint slides for managers offering practical help on dealing with IP infringement.

“This simple to use, free service will give a steer on everything from setting up IP policies through to how to report IP crime.”

said Federation Against Software Theft general counsel Julian Heathcote Hobbins.

“Business owners need to ask themselves: is your office or business being used to carry out infringing activities – either work or personal? If so, any legal risks should be met head on, dealing with the issue so that there is no exposure to yourself and your business.”

Minister for IP Baroness Wilcox added:

“I would urge companies of all sizes to look at the guidance so they know how to protect their own IP and how to respect the IP of others. If they don’t, they expose themselves to the risk of legal action and risk damaging their reputation and brand.”

Preventing IP Infringement


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