Free Guide to Help Small Businesses Cut Energy Costs

The Growing Business’ Guide to Managing CarbonUK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could collectively save nearly £400 million per year in energy costs, and over 2.5 million tonnes of C02, by reducing their carbon footprints and certifying their efforts under the Carbon Trust Standard. The Carbon Trust Standard SME online certification is the only tool designed specifically to help small business’ certify their carbon footprint reductions. SMEs using the tool have, on average, cut their energy costs by £2,000 per year, and their carbon footprints by 13 tonnes CO2.

Harry Morrison, General Manager, the Carbon Trust Standard, said:

“Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the UK economy, and reducing their collective carbon footprint could play a major part in ensuring we meet the UK’s target to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by 2020. What you can measure, you can reduce, so we believe there’s a major opportunity for every business to cut costs and carbon by taking action and achieving certification.”

Recognising the key role that UK SMEs play in meeting the UK’s carbon emission targets, and achieving green growth for the UK economy, the Carbon Trust Standard today launched a free online guide to help growing business’ cut energy costs and carbon. The Growing Business’ Guide to Managing Carbon can be downloaded for free at:

The new Carbon Trust Standard guide provides a range of information to enable growing businesses to save cash and increase efficiency by measuring, managing and reducing their carbon, and to boost their reputations by becoming a Carbon Trust Standard bearer. Key topics covered in the guide include:

  • How to measure and monitor an organisation’s carbon footprint
  • How to collect accurate energy data
  • How to create a meaningful energy policy
  • The benefits of reducing emissions and how to start reporting on carbon
  • How you can use independent carbon footprint certification to grow your business

Aberdeen-based maintenance and cleaning chemicals supplier, FIS Chemicals Ltd, is one of the most recent SMEs to certify its operations under the Carbon Trust Standard; and to cut its carbon footprint by 3%.

Dr Tom Cummings, Managing Director, FIS Chemicals, said:

“Gaining certification under the Carbon Trust Standard has certainly helped differentiate our promise to reduce our carbon emissions and to offer our services to a diverse range of markets, most of which now demand evidence that we are a sustainable business. The benefits of submitting to a robust and rigorous process are real and long lasting; both in terms of saving money and enhancing company reputation.”

The Carbon Trust guide is being welcomed by the Prince’s Mayday Network, a collaboration of businesses taking action on climate change and resource depletion by working together to seek out and promote the best solutions to major environmental challenges.

Katie Webber, Mayday Campaign Director, the Prince’s Mayday Network, said:

“The Prince’s Mayday Network inspires businesses of all sizes to begin their sustainability journey and any way in which we can help SMEs to better manage carbon has our support. This guide from the Carbon Trust Standard is a great way for growing businesses to demystify the benefits of carbon management and take action.”

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