Employers Policy on Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

Employers have been advised to clarify with staff now whether they can take the day off on Friday 29th April or risk confusion over working hours on the Royal Wedding bank holiday.

By law, employers do not have to give employees paid time off for bank and public holidays. However, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) adviser Angela Baron said most firms would allow staff to take the day off.

“In the spirit of things you should give people the day off if you possibly can. But there will be reasons why some businesses can’t just close down for the day, in which case you could operate a first–come–first–served basis or a lottery to see who will come into work that day.”

Baron added that if employers need some staff to work on the day, they could ask for volunteers as not all employees will be interested in watching the proceedings. If this is not possible, she advised setting up screens in the office to allow those who come in to watch the Wedding if they want to.

“If you need to have a certain number of people on site then it has be made clear to people that holiday requests may not always be approved.”

Entrepreneur Tamsin Fox–Davies said a flexible holiday policy has worked for her firm.

“I don’t expect my team to work bank holidays or national holidays, even though I usually do.”

“I outsource some of my business to a small team in Mauritius and have had issues in the past where I haven’t known about their national holidays. We now have a system where they tell me well in advance so I can plan around that. I need them to give me good notice if they’re not going to be available at the normal time.”

Employers Policy on Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

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