Socially-conscious London firms Enter the Dragon Awards

The Mayors Dragon AwardsCommunity-minded London businesses involved in volunteering and local projects have until 13 June to get their efforts recognised by entering the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards.

The Dragon Awards celebrate community engagement in Greater London’s 33 boroughs and are open to businesses that participate in voluntary projects outside of their core activities, as part of their staff training or out of a sense of corporate and social responsibility (CSR).

Small businesses are eligible to enter any of the categories and the judges will typically give an award to one large business and one small business in each one. Charities are not eligible. Social enterprises may be eligible to apply if they are doing community work above and beyond their business objectives.

Interested firms must apply online explaining how they have contributed to their community. Their application can include videos and photos relevant to their volunteer work.

This year’s award categories include:

  • Education: for businesses working with educational establishments — for example, by offering mentoring.
  • Economic regeneration: for businesses contributing to an area’s regeneration — for example, by providing professional skills to local people.
  • Social inclusion: for businesses helping to decrease social exclusion — for example, by working with young offenders or older people.
  • The Lord Mayor’s Award: for businesses that have displayed a long-term commitment to community projects and have engaged staff at all levels.

Winners will receive a dragon statuette, as well as local and national press coverage.

“With so many small businesses now supporting their local communities through innovative partnerships involving skill sharing and mentoring, the potential societal value to London is immense.”

said Lord Mayor, Michael Bear.

“I am calling upon local businesses to step forward and apply for a prestigious Dragon Award, to not only gain the recognition that they deserve, but to bring CSR to the forefront and encourage other businesses to engage with their local communities.”

For more information about the Dragon Awards and to apply, visit the Dragon Awards website.

Socially-conscious London firms Enter the Dragon Awards

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