Royal Wedding Bank Holiday: The Leave Issues

With less than a month until the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April 2011 – which follows the Easter break – employers may find themselves having to juggle extra leave requests.

Acas is reminding employers to plan ahead to avoid last-minute leave clashes or short-term absences.

Acas National Helpline Manager Stewart Gee said:

“As the wedding bank holiday is in the same week as Easter Monday, employers may see an increase in requests for time off. The best way to be as fair and consistent as possible is to have a policy on how to manage time off and leave requests. For many the Royal Wedding is going to be an opportunity to celebrate, and your employees being able to join in may help to boost morale in your workplace.”

Holiday guidance:

  • There is no statutory right to bank/public holidays, so the announcement of an extra bank holiday does not increase any entitlement to holiday under the Working Time Regulations.

  • Whether an employee will benefit from the additional bank holiday will depend on the wording of their employment contract.

For example, a contract which entitles a worker to 20 days annual leave in addition to all statutory, bank and public holidays, would potentially give the worker an extra day’s paid holiday. But if public holidays are listed by name, in a contract, a worker may not be automatically entitled to the extra public holiday.

For further information visit the Acas website

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