Wrong Broadband Slows Down Small Business

Small Business BroadbandSmall firms relying on a domestic broadband connection are damaging their productivity due to unreliable download speeds and limited bandwidth, research has revealed.

A TalkTalk Business survey of 300 small businesses found that 70% were reliant on domestic broadband rather than business broadband. Of those using domestic broadband, 10% experienced up to five hours downtime a week, while 18 % lost 2.5 hours.

TalkTalk Business transformation director, Andy Lockwood, said that domestic broadband is not designed to cope with the demands of a business.

“From emailing customers, clients and suppliers, to running a successful e-commerce operation, broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of any small firm and impacts on virtually all aspects of its business performance.”

Founder of IT services firm Macnamara, Ciaran Kenny, agreed that businesses could lose productivity by choosing a consumer broadband connection.

“If a firm is dependent on broadband for their business, they shouldn’t scrimp on the £10 or so a month more that it costs to get a business quality broadband service.”

Kenny said that business broadband offers a better service for firms as it works on the basis that usage will be heaviest during the day, where as consumer broadband provision works on the basis that it will be heaviest in the evening.

“The maintenance on a business connection also is likely to be done at night time, and on domestic connections it is likely to be done during the day. That affects reliability and availability.”

However, Kenny said that a home-based business without employees would not need to get business broadband.

“If you’re a one-person business working from home, it probably doesn’t make a lot of difference. But if there are any more people than that, it is going to be a false economy.”

Wrong Broadband Slows Down Small Business

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