UK Small Businesses Prioritise Over .com Extensions

Sedo, the global domain name market place, has revealed that British SMEs are placing more emphasis on registering local domains than the globally popular .com extension.

According to the Sedo study, nearly two thirds (63%) of UK SMEs register their relevant domain name, while only half (53%) have registered extension. The research also shows that only 17% of leading UK SMEs own both their and .com domains and none of those analysed owned a complete portfolio of leading top level domains (TLDs) which include .com,, .net and .biz.

.net and .biz are some of the least popular TLDs with 93% and 90% of SMEs respectively not owning the TLD equivalent for their domain name. The research also shows that 23% of SMEs are using the TLD to redirect to the master .com address.

The findings also show the potential for SMEs to own their niche areas of business online. For example, mattress specialist could look to expand its share of voice online by acquiring mattress related domain names. Similarly, IT recruitment company could seek to purchase IT recruitment domains to further cement its footprint on the web.

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