20-Minute Risk Assessment Tool for Shopkeepers

Shopkeepers can quickly check the potential hazards in their stores, following the launch of an online health and safety risk assessment for retailers, by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The HSE Shop risk assessment tool has been launched to spare low-risk retailers the unnecessary paperwork of completing a full health and safety risk assessment.

The aim of the tool is to take the mystery out of risk assessments, giving retailers the means to be confident that they have identified the key risks in their premises and how to minimise them.

“The new 20-minute risk assessments make it clear that the assessment of low-risk shops can be done quickly and easily,”

said HSE chair, Judith Hackett.

“There is no need for long, detailed documents covering very minor and highly improbable risks.

“Shop managers are best placed to identify what happens in their premises and we want to enable them to have confidence to say that they have dealt with the risks that do exist.”

HSE recently launched a similar online risk assessment tool for offices. Simplified risk assessments for other low-risk workplaces are currently being developed.

20-Minute Risk Assessment Tool for Shopkeepers

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