Lord Sugar is Voted Most Trusted for Business Advice

The Apprentice star doesn’t beat around the bush, and that’s the way small business owners like it, says T-Mobile research

Lord Sugar is Voted Most Trusted for Business AdviceNever one to mince his words, Lord Alan Sugar is the UK’s most trusted “straight talker” in business, according to a T-Mobile survey of 2,000 small business owners.

Those surveyed were asked to choose their top three most trusted business personalities for straight talking business advice from a list of Britain’s most well known business personalities. Lord Sugar was selected by 42% of respondents, while Sir Richard Branson came in second, with 33% of the vote followed by Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den.

‘Queen of Shops’ Mary Portas and property guru Sarah Beeny took fourth and fifth place.

The research coincided with a competition run by T-Mobile to find the UK’s most straight talking business. Small business owners were asked to pitch their business in 140 characters or fewer for the chance to win £2,000 for their business, with Oxford based plasterers Smooth Operators scooping the prize.

“Lord Alan Sugar’s popularity shows that most business owners just want people to get to the point. They don’t have time to waste listening to waffle or jargon, and as we saw from our recent competition, most are very adept at getting to the point themselves. As a supplier to many of these UK businesses, we’re aiming to help them get on with what they do best and not waste their time with jargon or complex products and services,”

says Martin Lyne, Director of SME Marketing at T-Mobile.

Commenting on the research, Smooth Operators owner and director, John Whelan, said:

“Lord Sugar is the kind of bloke who isn’t afraid to say what he means, without being rude. Straight talking in business saves time, effort and ultimately cash.”

Previous T-Mobile research shows that long winded conversations collectively cost the UK’s small business owners almost 3 million working hours a week, or over £36 million.

For more information about the competition and to see more of the top pitches go to: www.t-mobile.co.uk/business

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