Bosses: Clarify Employee Rules for Workplace Online Christmas Shopping

If employees are Christmas Shopping online from your workplace then bosses should make their acceptable use policy clearEmployers need to clarify their policy on acceptable staff internet use – that’s the message from HR experts as analysts forecast record-breaking online sales on 29 November.

Online consumer comparison site Kelkoo has predicted that so–called "Manic Monday" will be the busiest day of the year for online shopping – with web sales reaching £22.4 million per hour.

However, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) senior public policy adviser, Ben Wilmott said that employers should be aware that their staff may be using work time and resources to do their Christmas shopping online.

“The key thing is for employers to have clear policies on internet usage and to be consistent. We recognise that people often find it difficult to balance the pressures of home and work and enabling people to use the internet during their lunch hour, for example, can help staff manage the pressures they’re under.”

Wilmott added that the use of work resources for non–work-related activities, such as online shopping, shouldn’t affect productivity if employees are properly managed.

“If staff are managed in a positive way, coached, developed, supported, given clear performance objectives and feedback then how they spend their time shouldn’t be such an issue. But having a clear policy can help employees to strike that balance and also reassure the business that people are not abusing it.”

Kelkoo chief executive, Richard Stables, said:

“Online retailers can see sales rise by up to 60% in the six weeks running up to Christmas compared to the rest of the year, and at no time is this more evident than on "Manic Monday".”

“The impending VAT increase is also expected to provide an additional catalyst for consumer spending this Christmas, with every household in the country facing a steeper VAT bill, amounting to an additional £1.16 per day, from 4 January.”

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SMEs: Clarify Rules for Employees on Workplace Online Christmas Shopping

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