Don’t Leave Christmas Holiday Calculations to the Last Minute

Businesses should check employees’ remaining holiday entitlement now to avoid any problems over the Christmas period, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has warned.

FPB administration director Nick Palin said suddenly discovering that employees are owed more leave than anticipated often causes disruption for small businesses.

“If small firms fail to keep tabs on how much leave their employees are owed, it can lead to a lot of workers taking their holidays at once, causing potentially damaging shortages.”

“With a smaller pool of workers to absorb absences among colleagues and greater fluctuations in overall company workloads, small firms are disproportionately vulnerable to staff shortages when compared to big business.”

By law, employees are entitled to 28 days’ statutory paid holiday a year (see Working Time Regulations: Holidays & Leave), but this can include bank holidays. However, according to the FPB, due to repeated changes in employment legislation, calculating statutory annual leave entitlements has become a confusing process for small businesses.

“The legislation is particularly tricky to interpret in areas such as sickness absence and maternity leave, so it’s perhaps not surprising if business owners are put off dealing with the issue until they have to. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Holiday entitlement calculators are easy to use and should allow business owners to work out staff entitlements in minutes.”

For futher information see the FPB’s holiday entitlement calculator.

Alternatively download & read Acas’ Holidays & Pay guide (PDF).

Don’t Leave Christmas Holiday Calculations to the Last Minute

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