How to Turn Your Dream Business Idea into Reality

How to Turn Your Dream Business Idea into Reality

16th November 2010

Watch our web TV show for the best tips on setting up your own market stall and making it the stepping stone to business success

Show date: Thursday 18th November

Show time: 3pm

Have you ever had an idea for a new business you were certain could be a success if only you knew how to turn it from a dream into a reality? Have you put that dream aside because you don’t have the money to develop it or the know-how to make it happen?

Well if you have, you’re not alone. Although as we continue experience job insecurity in a poor economic climate, is the thought of going out on our own becoming something we are seriously considering?

Perhaps it is, but there are too many hurdles that put you off? But what if you could start a business without needing a huge amount of cash or overheads to get up and running?

If that sounds appealing then you might want to consider joining the thousands of people around the UK who are kick starting their business careers by trading at the hundreds of markets around the nation.

Some of Britain’s biggest business success stories started out as market stalls; think Innocent Smoothies and even retail giants such as Tesco, M & S and Matalan many years ago.

But it’s not as easy as just turning up to market with some homemade jam. So to help Britain’s budding entrepreneurs break onto the market scene The National Market Traders Federation have produced the definitive guide to market stall success.

For a sneak preview and with some practical tips on how to get started watch our web TV show where Joe Harrison from the National Market Traders Federation and Matthew Crawford, the winner of Make Your Mark at the Markets (2009), will tell you all you need to know.

Joe Harrison and Matthew Crawford join us live online in How to Turn Your Dream Business Idea into Reality on Thursday 18th November at 3pm to tell you how to turn your business dream into a reality with a market stall.

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