60% of Job Candidates Lie About Qualifications

Six out of ten job candidates lie about their grades and qualifications to prospective employers at interview, research has revealed.

A survey of 1,200 people by recruitment agency review firm HireScores found that 61% had lied about these factors when being interviewed for a job.

“In our experience most interviewers take even the smallest lie to mean that the candidate cannot be trusted and therefore shouldn’t be hired,”

said HireScores managing director, Lisette Howlett.

Founder of recruitment consultancy Remarkable Recruitment, Darren Simmons, said that small businesses should be wary of candidates who lie in their job interviews.

“At small firms, people tend to work in close proximity and it could seriously undermine the trust within the business if an employee is found to have lied.”

“If you find out during the recruitment process that a candidate has lied, you should not consider them for the role, as the character of a person is equally important as their ability to do the job.”

“But if they find out after employing someone that they have lied, it is a disciplinary matter. For small businesses it would depend on how well the person is performing in the role and whether they want to let them go.”

Simmons added that small firms should consider introducing formal procedures for checking qualifications, similar to reference-checking.

“To avoid employing dishonest candidates, small employers should consider asking to see their GCSE or degree certificates. However, it is not always possible and they might struggle to find the time. If someone says they have lost their degree certificate, employers know that if they phone the university and ask for a copy, it will take weeks for them to get hold of it.”

The survey also highlighted that 67% of people at interview have lied about their previous salary, and 58% about their years of relevant experience.

60% of Job Candidates Lie About Qualifications

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