Leading the Way in Green Management

Environmental charity BTCV has been honoured for its excellent green leadership by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

In the CMI’s inaugural National Management and Leadership Awards, BTCV (formerly the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) was held up as an example of excellence.

A total of ten accolades were presented by the Chartered Management Institute, the UK’s expert body on management and leadership, following the CMI National Conference.

The awards pay tribute to employers who are dedicated to supporting the professional development of future managers. They also recognise how organisations are structured, their integrity, sustainability and financial success.

BTCV is a social enterprise group which supports 628,000 volunteers a year to make a difference in their lives and improve their environment.

Chief Executive Tom Flood CBE collected BTCV’s award with Chairman Rupert Evenett.

Today a delighted Mr Flood said:

“This award by CMI for Green Leadership is welcome recognition for our innovative and imaginative work on sustainable development.”

Commenting on the awards, the Chartered Management Institute’s Chief Executive, Ruth Spellman, said:

“It is fantastic to see so many examples of management and leadership excellence. To fully recover from the recession and restore confidence in our economy, we need strong leadership to steer us through change.”

“These winners have helped to raise the bar of management and leadership excellence and should be looked to by others as examples to follow. If more managers aspire to follow their lead, this will help get the UK back to full economic health.”

Judges made their decision after hearing how BTCV’s senior management team and Board was made up of highly-acclaimed individuals in their respective fields.

The judges were impressed how BTCV’s management brought a broad wealth of experience which reflected the broad nature of the organisation.

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