Small Business Owner Bricks Up Bank

Small Business Owner Bricks Up BankSmall business owner Cameron Hope became so frustrated at banks not lending that he bricked up a branch of Barclays in protest.

The property developer said that trying to get credit from the banks and being refused a loan of £240,000 was like "talking to a brick wall".

Mr Hope and other frustrated small business owners, calling themselves "the Recessionairs", stacked up concrete blocks in the entrance to Barclays in Westbourne, Bournemouth on Sunday.

before police asked Mr Hope and the other protestors to remove the blocks.

Barclays said it had never dealt with Mr Hope and was only targeted when bricking up original target, the local NatWest branch, was made difficult due to police presence for an unrelated incident.

Mr Hope said:

“It was Plan B and we drove up the road to Barclays – nothing against Barclays at all.”

Mr Hope claims that a bank had refused him money for new developments and tried to charge a £7,000 fee when he asked to borrow £40,000 against one of his properties.

After blocking-up the entrance to the branch of Barclays Bank the men then posted signs on the wall saying:

“Robbed by the banks we own”

“Now the banks are lending even less”

“Halifax charged £500 for a £24 debt”

“Make the banks lend”.

A spokesman for Barclays added:

“We are extremely disappointed that Mr Hope randomly chose a branch of Barclays Bank to stage his protest. His protest was apparently triggered by a business loan quote provided by a competitor.”

“We have not had any dealings with Mr Hope nor refused him a loan at any time. Had he approached us for a loan, we would have assessed his application on the viability of his business.”

“We are very much open for business and there is money available to lend to viable businesses”.

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