Green Handbook Promotes CSR and Sustainable Working

Green Handbook Promotes CSR and Sustainable Working

Case studies and practical advice on corporate responsibility, sustainability and ethical business practice – including the bottom-line business benefits of developing an effective environmental policy – are available in a new handbook from specialist publisher, Kaplan.

Called Managing4Good: Kaplan’s Guide to Responsible and Sustainable Business, the book has been written to help organisations create strategies and policies that will have a lasting positive impact on employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community and the environment.

Aimed at business leaders and managers responsible for green initiatives, Managing4Good describes the business benefits of ‘going green’ and it gives practical guidelines on how to reduce your carbon footprint and tackle climate change. It also outlines the impact of relevant legislation, such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (the UK’s mandatory climate change and energy saving plan), and it features best practice case studies and examples from leading organisations such as Asda, BT, Barclays, Deloitte, DuPont, Google, John Lewis Partnership, Mars, Microsoft, Morrisons, O2, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Author John Fagan, an expert in responsible and sustainable business and a former financial management tutor, said:

“Acting responsibly can improve the reputation and performance of your organisation because it increases the motivation and loyalty of employees and it enhances relationships with customers, suppliers and the wider community. This book shows how business leaders can proactively implement strategies and policies that will benefit the organisation, the environment and society, rather than waiting for legislation, consumer pressure, employee pressure, shareholder pressure or a failing reputation to force their hand.”

Managing4Good also provides an overview of issues such as diversity, health and well-being, work-life balance, learning and development, talent management, employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and the recycling and disposal of business waste.

Additional online content is available exclusively to anyone who buys the book, including updates, supplementary information and links to sustainability reports from major corporates.

Michael Smith, Head of Learning Solutions at Kaplan Publishing, the specialist provider of exam study material and business books that has published Managing4Good, said:

“There is growing evidence that employees want to work for organisations that share their values and customers and suppliers want to deal with businesses they respect. This is a comprehensive guide showing how organisations can meet the expectations of employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. It is a colourful, easy to read book that covers a challenging and pertinent business issue and the associated legislation. As such, it will be essential reading for all business leaders.”

Priced £25, Managing4Good can be purchased online from Kaplan Publishing or Amazon. It is also available in leading bookshops.

For more information, please call Kaplan Publishing on 0118 989 0629, e-mail or visit the Kaplan Publishing website.

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