10 Million Miles Saved by Online Transport Marketplace Shiply

shiply.comSince June 2008, Shiply.com, a website matching people moving goods with delivery companies already making similar journeys, has helped save more than 10 million otherwise wasteful and un-necessary road miles. That’s the same as going around the world 400 times!

Shiply.com was founded by Robert Matthams, a Manchester Business School graduate who noticed the issue when seeing a driver returning to London empty after making a delivery of a pool table to Manchester.

Mr Matthams said:

“After doing some research, I realised the problem was a lot more serious than I had first thought, with figures from Department of Transport stating 25pc of all lorries travel empty on British roads”.

Shiply has been likened to “eBay but for moving goods”, everyday users list items they need to deliver and then transport companies already making similar journeys bid for the business in a reverse-auction. So, over 14,000 registered delivery firms can help keep their vehicles full and at the same time, consumers benefit from discount delivery rates. The web site now attracts several million visitors each year and a new quote request every 40 seconds.

Mr Matthams, who was recently named as Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year and BT Entrepreneur of the Year said:

“We are delighted to have reached this major milestone, 10 million miles saved is such an achievement and we are delighted that the industry as a whole has really gotten behind the site and its goals.”

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