Green Office Week

Green Office Week

Office-based small firms are being called on to take part in Green Office Week at the end of April and make their workplace more environmentally friendly.

Sponsored by business stationery firm Avery, the week will run from 26 to 30 April, during which employers will be encouraged to think up practical ways for their staff to be more environmentally friendly in the workplace.

Ideas to help businesses become greener include recycling all old IT and electrical products rather than storing them, setting up an eco-ideas scheme to reward staff who come up with energy saving techniques and placing plants around the office to reduce air pollution.

By registering for free online, employers will be able to download a starter kit containing advice and ideas for the week, as well as swap ideas with other businesses and access online tips.

“The Green Office Week campaign is something that every firm can benefit from as it’s not only good for the environment, but being green saves the business money too.”

said Rick Bruce-Kelly, director at marketing firm InDzine, one of the companies behind Green Office Week.

According to research from Avery, 90% of office workers believe it is important for businesses to be environmentally responsible, but only half of businesses have a green policy in place. Just 54% of employees think their employer does enough to help the environment.

For more information visit Green Office Week.

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