Business Awards Masterclass

It’s tough enough surviving day-to-day as a business in the current economic climate, let alone looking for new ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. Of course, hard work and a good service or product are vital but they’re not the only route to success.

Business awards give all companies from SMEs to multinationals the opportunity to raise their profile, and they come with several added bonuses. On top of the clear marketing and commercial benefits, winning competitive awards can spur on a proud workforce to even greater heights. They also set your company apart from competitors and enhance your credibility in front of new and existing customers alike.

But does the prospect of opening your business to the scrutiny of judges fill you with fear? Or are you uncertain where to start when it comes to putting together a winning entry?

If so, log on to this special webTV show, brought to you by the National Business Awards in partnership with . The experts answering your questions include Martin Stiven, Orange’s VP of Business and Damian Reece, Head of Business, Telegraph Media Group.

There is also an exclusive interview with Peter Marks, CEO of the Co-Operative Group and the 2009 Orange Leader of the Year.

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