Poor Manager Communication Hampers Economic Recovery

Old Telephone covered in cobwebs indicating poor manager communicationPoor communication by managers is widespread in the UK and could be undermining firms’ efforts to recover from the recession: that’s the claim from training provider Think Feel Know (TFK).

TFK’s survey of 4,000 staff found that 37% are confused by their manager’s instructions up to three times a day.

In addition, a total of 46% of employees have been confused by their line manager’s instructions at some point.

“2010 is predicted to be the year of the recovery so businesses need to get themselves into prime position to make the most of this,”

said TFK chief executive, James McCarthy.

“Miscommunication has an impact on retention, morale and the bottom line, so now is the time to address these issues and become strong for the year ahead.”

The poll revealed that managers wrongly assuming that staff knew what they were doing after being delegated tasks, and jobs not being explained properly were the two main reasons for the communication gap.

“Employers need to make it easier for staff to ask for help and recognise that people interact with each other differently,” he added.

The Chartered Management Institute’s chief executive, Ruth Spellman, said that poor communication was a sign of poor leadership and was likely to lead to a disengaged workforce and decreased productivity.

“This can have severe repercussions for organisations as an unmotivated workforce results in decreased performance and productivity. Providing a strong sense of direction, ensuring staff understand their role, inviting feedback and empowering individuals to make decisions could all help to engage employees.”

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