Your Small Business in a TV Documentary

Optomen Television are producing a new series for Channel 5 looking at the issues faced by Britain’s small businesses.

Working with one of Britain’s most successful entreprenuers the show will be following the sage busienss advice on everything from managing cashflow to increasing profit. With so many small businesses feeling as if they’re stuck in a rut, the show aims to change all that by helping them, with the business advice of the top entrepreneur, to take an informed risk and grow their business.

The series will feature 8 small businesses and Optomen TV are on the lookout for them right now, so if you think your small business is in need of a little mentoring through these tricky times then they’d love to hear from you.

The series is due to air just before the general election when the subject of small business will be a hot political topic, aiming to raise the profile of the UK’s SMEs and the huge contribution they make to the country’s economy.

If you are interested please email or telephone 020 3227 5900.

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