Is 2010 the year SMEs Fully Embrace Cloud Computing?


A year or so ago, the term “cloud computing” was by no means mainstream. While it has certainly been a topic favoured among IT professionals for the last few years – the so-called “next big thing” in technology that could spur a whole new decade of growth – it was only in the latter part of 2009 that it started to gather pace and enter day to day business vocabulary.

As early as 2008 small businesses had began to take note of cloud computing, but how seriously were they taking it? It’s one thing to be aware and excited by a new technology, but it’s another thing to run your business on it. To shed some light on this matter, Easynet Connect commissioned research to determine how seriously SMEs were taking the cloud at the end of 2008.

The results showed a steady interest in cloud computing, but still 53% said they would never adopt the cloud. So Easynet Connect commissioned this follow-up research to see how attitudes to cloud computing have changed in the course of just over a year (15 months). Did the hype help or hinder the reputation of cloud computing among SMEs? Do most SMEs now know what cloud computing is? How many SMEs have embraced the cloud, and how many are still sitting on the fence?

For those unfamiliar with the term, cloud computing describes the model of delivering IT-related capabilities as a service via the internet, as opposed to packaged software being installed within a company’s offices. The “cloud” reference derives from the symbol used to depict the internet in computer network diagrams.

About the Research

The primary research for this report was conducted by OpinionMatters, an independent pan-European market research company. The research was commissioned by Easynet Connect in order to gain insight into SMEs interest in cloud computing.

OpinionMatters interviewed 255 IT decision-makers in SMEs (defined as organisations with between 10 and 250 employees), split equally between male and female respondents across a range of age groups. The research was conducted and compiled in December 2009.

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