Small Firms to Star in New Five TV Series

Small Firms to Star in New Five TV Series

Small Firms to Star in New Five TV SeriesVibrant small businesses frustrated by their present growth rates are being called on to take part in a Five TV series and gain free advice from a business expert.

Optomen Television, the production firm behind BBC2’s, Mary, Queen of Shops, will select eight small firms to appear on the programme. Each will be visited by a business expert, who is yet to be named, within the next few months. The series will be broadcast in March 2010.

Initially, the producers will be looking for firms in London, the Home Counties and the Midlands. Small companies and sole traders from all sectors can apply, providing they are passionate about their business.

“A lot of small businesses are stuck in a rut and need a bit of a boost,”

said Optomen casting producer, Gemma Yardley.

“Most small firms start out of someone’s passion, and they don’t necessarily have time to think about the practical side of running the business or the profit.

“Our expert will go into these firms, ask them about different aspects of their business and give them tips. Apart from the free advice they receive, another benefit of being on the show would be the publicity, as people tend to go into places they have seen on TV.”

For more information on how to appear on the programme, visit the Optomen website.

Small Firms to Star in New Five TV Series


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