SureStream Service Launched

Will Economic Conditions get worse before they get better?

Will Economic Conditions get worse before they get better?Easynet Connect today announced the launch of its new "ground-breaking" 8Mb SureStream service at £399 per month, or less than £5,000 a year.

The new leased line equivalent service, which offers synchronous and uncontended (1:1) 8Mb upload and download speeds is available today to small and medium sized businesses across Easynet Connect’s 1,200 exchanges in the UK. Connected to Easynet Connect’s national IP network, the new 8Mb SureStream uses an innovative new line bonding technique.

8Mb SureStream is fully uncontended and said to be around 50% less than the price of equivalent services from their competitors. Over 70% of small businesses will be able to benefit from the new service as Easynet Connect has the largest SDSL coverage in the UK. The service is backed by Easynet Connect’s 99.9% Service Level Guarantee and 4-hour issue response time.

Available from today, existing Easynet Connect customers on slower connections will be offered an easy upgrade path to the new SureStream service.

Chris Stening, Managing Director of Easynet Connect, said of SureStream:

“Small businesses are facing increased economic pressures to reduce their IT spend which is why it is important they can get the best value for their internet connection.”

“By using innovative new techniques we are able to bond connections to our core network differently in order to allow greater uptime and reliability, which is often more important than connection speed. Across our 1,200 exchange footprint we can bring affordable and reliable symmetrical connectivity with good up and download speeds to more small businesses across the UK.”

Philip Rich of law firm Paris Smith LLP, one of the first 8Mb SureStream customers:

“We are really impressed that Easynet Connect can offer an 8Mb symmetrical service at such a competitive price. This can only be good news for the data communications requirements of both medium and small forward-thinking businesses”.

Gary Barton, Research Analyst at Current Analysis added:

“Reliable internet and network connectivity is mission critical for SMEs. Whilst increased headline download speeds have benefits, products with higher or equal upload speeds such as SDSL are under increasing demand from small companies who are relying heavily upon sending as well as receiving data.”

For further information see Easynet’s website for Connect SureStream or watch the Q&A with Chris Stening, MD of Easynet Connect.

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