New Service for Reporting Tax Evasion

Report tax evasion!The HMRC has launched an online service for people to report tax evasion, aimed at clamping down on businesses and individuals trying to cheat the tax system.

The service is intended to make it easier for members of the public to report businesses or individuals they suspect of tax avoidance.

The online service supports the HMRC’s telephone hotline, which it introduced in 2005. Since then, more than £42 million has been recovered through its phone lines as a result of information directly received from members of the public.

Details can be submitted anonymously to the site, although people supplying information will be asked a series of questions, including their motive for making the allegations.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Stephen Timms, said that reporting online was “quick and easy” to do.

“By doing so users will be helping us to catch people who are unfairly competing with honest businesses and denying funding for essential public services,” he said.

A Home Office spokeswoman added that all details would be thoroughly assessed before any further action was taken, to minimise false allegations and the risk of malicious “snitching”.

“We take all information very seriously, but we have got stringent safe guards in place to check the quality and accuracy of information,” she said.

See our page on reporting tax evasion, visit the HMRC’s website to access their online tax evasion reporting service or call the tax evasion hotline is available on 0800 788 887.

New service to report tax evasion

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