Shell Springboard Open for Entries

Shell Springboard

Shell SpringboardThe Shell Springboard Awards programme 2009/10 is now open for entries. Shell Springboard provides a financial boost to innovative, low carbon business ideas from across the UK. £40,000 is awarded every year, no strings attached, to eight businesses with an innovative product or service that will lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions and is commercially viable.

This year, the deadline for applications is midnight on Friday 6th November 2009 and awards will be made in early 2010. Judging will be carried out by three regional panels of independent experts. Up to two businesses from each region will then meet a national judging panel prior to the announcement of an overall UK winner. More information and detailed terms and conditions for the awards can be found on the website

If you would like Shell Springboard to come and present to your organisation or network, please contact Jenny Marsden on 020 7934 8698 or

Springboard Winner 2009 to launch carbon capture system

Scottish Bioenergy will launch its revolutionary carbon capture system at the Glenturret Distillery – home of The Famous Grouse – on Monday, October 5, 2009.

The system captures carbon dioxide from the distillery flue gas and percolates it through a series of algae-containing bioreactors. The Algae strips the CO2 from the gas and converts it into useful oils and protein. Green MSP Robin Harper will officially switch on the demonstrator project.

David Van Alstyne, CEO of Scottish Bioenergy, said

“A couple of years ago the idea of using algae as carbon recycler sounded absurd but with the support of Shell, Edrington Group and the Scottish Environmental Technology Network we have built Britain’s first pilot scale bioreactor.”

Scottish Bioenergy constructed the system with the help of a Shell Springboard award. A study is being conducted on the use of the algal biomass as animal food, funded by a grant from the Scottish Environmental Technology Fund.

Shell Springboard Businesses at Thames Valley event

Paula Carey of Carbon8, Neil Haigh of Luminanz and John Lewis of 2dheat were all invited to speak at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Lecture, which was held at Windsor Castle on Friday the 18th September. Speakers were drawn from a very wide national and international business & academic background, and the audience comprised business leaders from the Thames Valley. The Shell Springboard winners participated in a panel discussion themed around "Entrepreneurship in Difficult Economic Times".

G-volution wins Carbon Trust incubation support

In 2008 G-Volution (then called Inspecs Innovations) was a Springboard UK finalist and regional prize winner.

G-Volution has developed a revolutionary technology to allow Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) operators to mix a second fuel with the primary diesel fuel improving the mileage and lowering emissions. Currently the second fuel is LPG, however the G-volution aspiration is to mix sustainable fuels such as wet bioethanol in proportions as high as 80%.

As a result of the Springboard award G-volution met Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT) a Carbon Trust incubator. Together they made a successful application for G-volution to enter the Carbon Trust’s incubation scheme and were awarded £70,000 of support.

The incubation support for G-volution has been tailored to its specific needs and includes refinement of the value proposition with customers and defining possible business model and market entry options.

Chris Smith Joint Managing Director at G-Volution, said

“since receiving support from CLT our business has progressed on all fronts. CLT draw upon their deep experience with technology start-ups to support the management team as they evaluate complex business decisions.”

If you would like to learn more about the Carbon Trust Incubator Scheme please call Beverley Gower-Jones, CLT partner on 07766 134496 or via email at

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