Tech Start-Ups Offered 70k Support to get off the Ground

Tech Start-Ups Offered £70k Support to get off the Ground

Tech Start-Ups Offered £70k Support to get off the GroundEarly-stage clean-technology firms in need of investment are being called on to apply to the Carbon Trust’s Incubator scheme, where they can get the initial support they need to help attract funding.

The idea behind the Incubator scheme, which started in 2004, is to give innovative start-ups a good basis for attracting private sector investment. Businesses that go through The Carbon Trust’s incubator programme typically attract £16 of private investor funding for every £1 spent on their support by the Trust.

Successful applicants to the scheme will receive up to £70,000 of tailored support from one or more of the Carbon Trust’s six incubator partners, which offer services such as business development, market research and guidance on intellectual property protection.

“You may have a great technology or service idea, but to make it fly and become a commercial reality you need a strong business behind you and the know-how to attract investment,” said the head of the scheme, Dave Raval. “The incubator scheme has a track record of turning clean-tech innovations into high-growth businesses.”

Applicants must be able to describe their innovation, provide data about the application or technology’s feasibility, describe how the innovation will be protected, describe the commercial route that will be taken, and provide an achievable business development plan.

Qualifying firms will receive advisory support over 12-18 months from partners including Angle Technology, E-Synergy, Isis Innovation and TTP.

Nujira, a company that has created transmitting technology for mobile phone base stations, received support from the Carbon Trust Incubator, which enabled it to investigate the commercial potential for its technology in its market.

“Without the Carbon Trust we wouldn’t have been able to commit significant spending to do crucial market research,” said Nujira chief executive, Tim Haynes. “Our work through the Carbon Trust Incubator enabled us to go on to sign up two out of four of the biggest potential customers in the market.”

For more information on the Incubator Scheme, visit the Carbon Trust incubator

For details of the Incubator partners and how to contact them, visit the Carbon Trust partners

Tech Start-Ups Offered £70k Support to get off the Ground

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