Social Enterprise Mark goes Nationwide

Social Enterprise Mark

Social Enterprise MarkSocial enterprises across the UK can now apply for an identity mark which advertises their social and environmental credentials, after a pilot scheme in the South West was rolled out nationwide.

Launched by social enterprise support group Rise in south west England in 2007, the Social Enterprise Mark has been extended to allow social enterprises across the UK an equal chance of applying for and receiving the identity mark.

Rise chief executive, Lucy Findlay, commented:

“We extended the scheme because a lot of businesses were coming to us from places outside the South West saying they wanted to identify themselves as being different from a standard business or an ethical business that gives just a proportion of its profit to a social cause.

We hope that the mark will become equal to the Fairtrade mark in value.”

According to research by Rise, 70% of consumers would prefer to buy products and services from organisations with a social mission.

“It’s important to many consumers that businesses behave in a socially and environmentally responsible way, so the Social Enterprise Mark has value for firms that do so.

This is a mark of trust which helps consumers to make a quick and informed choice on which businesses they choose to use.”

The annual maintenance fee for the mark is £100 to £3,400, with the cost dependent on turnover.

“The Social Enterprise Mark comes with a cost but it is very good value when you think about the benefits of marketing yourself as a recognised social enterprise.”

According to Rise, the criteria firms need to meet to achieve the Social Enterprise Mark include:

  • Clear social or environmental aims and achievements
  • Showing that profits and assets are used to support these aims
  • Protecting these in the way they are governed
  • Having traded for a minimum of one year and earning at least 50% of its income from trading rather than donations or government grants.

For more information and to apply for the Social Enterprise Mark, visit the website

Social Enterprise Mark

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