PM Honours Business Heroes

PM Honours Business Heroes

PM Honours Business HeroesThe Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson yesterday hosted a reception for a selection of Britain’s most innovative entrepreneurs at Downing Street to recognise their contribution to business.

The event brought together 150 entrepreneurs from a range of sectors and backgrounds from Karen Hanton, creator of restaurant booking website Top Table, to representatives from Scarborough – recently named the most enterprising place in Britain and Europe.

The Prime Minister heard first hand how entrepreneurs are making the most of the opportunities created by the recession and dealing with the challenges ahead.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said at the reception:

"I want to thank each of you individually for making the big decision to start a business, for taking the risk to do so, for making all the effort that has made your business a success. For showing the ambition and the aspiration to do something not just for yourself but for people whom you employ, and in that way to make our country a stronger and better place.

"Our aim is to do everything we can to support your ideas, and your innovations, to support the enterprise and the entrepreneurial culture that exists in so many areas of our country. We want to support you in the efforts that you make, to make for a stronger economy. I believe that the countries that will succeed in the future, the countries that will do best in this new global economy are those who can unleash the talents, the creativity and enterprise of its citizens."

Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson went on to say:

"Britain’s entrepreneurs have the skills, resources and knowledge base to lead us out of the downturn – the Government’s job is to do everything it can to support growing businesses and to remove barriers to success.

“This reception is an opportunity to hear first hand from those entrepreneurs and businesses owners who have shown great enterprise and flair in ensuring that their businesses are successful in the current climate.”

Other inspiring entrepreneurs at the reception included Stephen Collins of Lazarus Mobility and Imran Hakim of iTeddy, both of whom impressed in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Julie Diem Le of Zoobug Sunglasses and Scarborough’s very own Adrian Riley of Electric Angel.

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