The Winning Business Mindset

The Winning Business Mindset


The Winning Business Mindset Gives you the mental power to thrive in tough times

Are you feeling anxious and uncertain about the future? You’re not alone if you are. There are many who feel the same way. Unfortunately negative feelings attract negativity and are likely to handicap your business life. It means you may be blind to the big break which could be staring you in the face.

Fortunately, you have the power to control many things about yourself. And you can certainly transform your thinking and working processes. Highly successful people apply positive thinking consistently towards unchanging goals. And although they’re not immune to short term problems, their mindset leads to inevitable long term achievement.

This is fact. The lives of successful people have been studied for hundreds of years. Biographies have been written, books published and academic work undertaken. Taken as a whole, the methods for achieving success can be learnt easily. And that’s the crucial point. You can learn how to prosper and succeed and it’s got little to do with intelligence. It’s mostly to do with your mindset.

I’m an experienced business trainer and marketer. I design and deliver motivational, marketing and business communication courses for businesses large and small. And I’m attuned to the needs of the people I train.

That’s why I’ve designed an intensive one day course. It brings together the techniques, methods and processes necessary for The Winning Business Mindset. The training is designed for companies large and small. And included are valuable guidance notes and work books for use during and after the course.

Whilst I host management events with attendees from large organisations such as IBM, BT, SonyBMG, BBC, O2, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, I run courses for many small companies too.

And I can honestly say that this course is the most important I’ve ever designed. It teaches you how to believe in yourself, your capabilities and your ability to succeed. And it shows you how to apply your thinking processes and business aptitude for nothing less than achievement.

The Winning Business Mindset is about linking the power of positive thinking to applied effort and keeping focused on the things that really matter. It’s about aligning your talents, skills and desires to your goals so that you can live a life of purpose and success.

And as you can see from these delegate comments, the training delivers its promise.

“It’s made all the difference in the world to me”

“Applying these course principles …wow, what a boost”

“Richard, I’ve learnt so much …thanks a million”

“I wish I’d gone on your course two years ago”

“The effect is unbelievable”

As Richard Branson said recently

“The greatest fortunes get made in times of recession …there are masses of opportunities”.

So make sure you’ve got The Winning Business Mindset to take advantage of them.

Special offer – 20% off these courses booked before 16th April. Places that normally cost £370 are offered at just £296 if you book before April 16th.

Dates and locations for The Winning Business Mindset:

  • London 23rd April
  • Birmingham 6th May
  • Manchester 14th May
  • Glasgow 20th May

Full details can be found at

I recommend that you don’t delay. Obtain the mental power to thrive in tough times.

Richard Walker is a business trainer and marketer. If you’d like to know more about this course, please call Richard on 01252 792 270. He’d be delighted to speak to you. Or email him at or book online at

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