New Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) Fund



RAKE FundCreated in recognition of the key contribution of small businesses to the contemporary economy, the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) is delighted to announce that they have joined together with Barclays Bank and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and to create a new research fund; The Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) Fund.

The RAKE Fund has a specific aim to support the exploration of issues, challenges and opportunities surrounding entrepreneurial activities and small firm performance within the contemporary UK economy.

The RAKE Fund will have a broad remit to encourage the widest range of innovative applications, and research which is relevant to both the development of policy and practice. All bids, however, must be sensitive to and demonstrate actual or potential pathways for knowledge transfer between stakeholders and users of research. Bids developed co-operatively between institutions, such as universities and third sector organisations, will be welcomed as would those led by early stage researchers working in collaboration with more experienced colleagues.

The RAKE Fund reaches out to a broad community of practice including university researchers, those working in the support and advice sector, those in voluntary organisations and private consultants. A call for funding will be announced shortly which will invite applications from all of those currently working within the realm of entrepreneurship and small business. Joint applications will be particularly welcomed.

Speaking at the announcement of the new RAKE fund, ISBE’s President, Dr Colette Henry, highlighted the strategic significance of the fund and welcomed the opportunity for ISBE to partner with Barclays, ESRC and BERR to encourage high calibre entrepreneurship research.

Professor Susan Marlow, ISBE Director commented:

“This is a new, exciting and innovative funding collaboration which seeks to support research of the highest quality with demonstrable impact.”

Application for the RAKE fund will be open in early April.

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