Cost of Music Licence Slashed for Small Business


music licenceWorkplaces with 4 or less employees will now pay just £44 a year for a license to play music after a consultation between the licensing authority the PRS for music and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Last summer the FSB accused the PRS of a "money-making exercise" claiming that the licensing regime was both complicated and costly.

But now music can now be played in workplaces with four or fewer staff with a license that costs less than £1 a week. These workplaces wishing to obtain a music licence can now pay a reduced flat rate of £44 per annum + VAT – whereas before, it would have cost them around £84.

The change, which is a reduction of almost 50%, was brought in by PRS for Music after consultation with the FSB and its wider membership.

Currently over 350,000 businesses hold a music licence in the UK but many FSB members said they were unsure of how much a licence would cost for smaller workplaces with some of the smallest businesses finding the charges too high.

Commenting on the recent changes Keith Gilbert, MD Public Performance Sales said:

“We’ve listened to our customers and realise that it is an exceptionally difficult trading time at present. Introducing this new reduction will make it possible for small workplaces to use all the music they need whilst still ensuring that content creators are fairly compensated.”

John Wright, National Chairman of the FSB said:

“This welcome move will be a real relief for many small businesses who want to be able to play music and not pay over the odds for it, especially during these tough times. Playing music in the workplace can help boost staff morale and the FSB is pleased that PRS for Music has put in place an affordable way for small business owners to enhance the working environment for their staff.”

The new charge underlines PRS for Music’s commitment to extend the commercial use of music in the nation’s businesses whilst being mindful of the tough trading conditions many businesses face at present. Research has shown that music enhances a working environment and many businesses feel staff are more productive if allowed to listen to music whilst working.

The reduced price is available now and businesses wishing to obtain a music licence should contact PRS for Music on 0800 068 4828 to discuss their licensing requirements.

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